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Posted on: July 12, 2008 4:35 pm

OU in 3D for 2008......I HOPE

OU needs to be in 3D this year.

This is an open letter to the entire Sooner football team, both players and coaches.   As has been discussed on these message boards for a long time, there needs to be a change in the mental attitude with the Sooners.  Simply go review last season's final game.     http://www.sportsline.com/collegefo

I believe there needs to be a commitment to theTHREE D'S.


Each individual player needs to make the decision that he is going to go out and DOMINATE the player lined up against him from the snap of the ball to the whistle.   Make sure that the opponent leaves the field not only with a loss but a sense of being inferior.   Show them respect as a competitor but totally and thoroughly whip them physically and mentally.   Fulfill your assignments and make it a point of pride to not make stupid mental mistakes that create those annoying little yellow laundry that only hurts your team.   Leave NO doubt in the mind's of any who watch (and are not rabid fanatics of the other team who will not admit it) that YOU were by far the better team. 


Be the absolute best you can be.   DEDICATE yourself to the team for this season, this game, this play.   And every play afterwards.   Make it your mission to play every play of every game to the highest standards you can achieve.   Put your team before your own ambitions.   Personal awards are nice and they will come, but they are hollow if they are nothing more than icing on a complete and successful season and bowl victory.    Don't let the lure of future riches compromise your play TODAY.   Remember that no man knows what tomorrow may bring.    Aspirations of a Pro career can evaporate in one single play.    You have to play to the best of your abilities NOW, each play, each game.


You have to unload on your opponent.    Just running up to an opposing ball carrier and dragging him down is not enough.  You have to DETONATE on him.   Make him rue any call that will put the ball in his hands because he knows the punishment he will receive for transgressing by trying to cross the line of scrimmage.    Blockers need to put the defensive player in a position where he can clearly view the sky.   EXPLODE at the points of contact.   Remember it is even Biblical that it is better to GIVE than RECEIVE.    Let the opposing players KNOW how much YOU have dedicated yourself to this team by demonstrating the rigors you have put yourself through to be who and what you are........AN OKLAHOMA SOONER!

There are THOUSANDS of talented players playing college football.   But it is a point of pride to be a SOONER.   It means you were selected as being worthy to don the Crimson & Cream.  It means you have joined yourself to an elite history that only a handful will have the honor to say:  "I was an Oklahoma Sooner Football Player".    Take pride in that honor and be humbled by the storied tradition that you are now the leading edge.   Make the four years available to you a legacy that will be remembered alongside those teams of the 1950's, the Wishbone teams, and that 2000 Sooner squad that embodied the essence of the THREE D'S.  

THIS is YOUR year.    




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