Posted on: September 23, 2008 11:11 am

When will the NFL get over its fascination?

You really have to wonder about the intelligence of some personnel managers.    Why are so many teams seemingly entranced by the 'dual-threat quarterback'?    I know that watching a Michael Vick scurry around and make dazzling runs for highlight reels can be entertaining, but can it REALLY be a winning formula?    Before I go further, please do not take this as a slam at 'African-American QBs', because it is not.   This is an attempt to seriously evaluate the effectiveness of the so-called dual-threat quarterback.  

The NFL has set itself up to be a passing league.   They have made the rules favor the passing game.    So why are so many teams so enamored with a running quarterback?   That type of offense is what you typically find on poorly coached junior high teams.   In lieu of actually running an offense, they stick their best athlete at quarterback and when they get to 3rd and 17, they call a drop back pass.   The QB then will go back into a five step drop never even looking down field and then take off running.   This type of garbage works in high school, and sometimes you even get an exceptional athlete that can make it work in college.   But in the long run, you will NEVER be successful hoping to find that exceptional athlete that is so far above other players talent-wise that this style of play can be sustained at a high level.   Granted, having the ability to run and pick up a first down is a very significant advantage to have in a quarterback.   However, expecting that to happen on 3rd and 27 when you are down by 14 with four minutes to go is ludicrous.   

And yet, NFL teams keep pinning their hopes on the likes of a Tavaris Jackson or a Vince Young.   They can be great leaders, great players, have hearts of champions, but if they do not have the skills to make things happen in the passing game WHEN YOU NEED IT, they are in truth a liability to your team.    So what are the NFL teams really looking for?    A quarterback that can lead their teams into the post season with aspirations of a Super Bowl Championship or a nice highlight reel that will sell a few tickets until they are boo'ed out of town for failing to win the big games?
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