Posted on: February 8, 2010 5:36 pm

The Manning Supremacy

Peyton Manning showed how classless an individual he really is when he stomped off the field without shaking hands with the Saints .   That is an act of a spoiled brat.   Then in Peyton Prima Donna fashion he pretty much takes a shot at his team's defense for "not getting him the ball back".   Peyton is just another Marino that got LUCKY that his TEAM faced possibly the WORST Quarterback in the HISTORY of the Superbowl to 'earn' his ring.   But I doubt he praised his defense THEN when they were the ones who really won that game. 

I've thought for a long time that the Mannings were a group of arrogant athletes that view themselves as better than everyone else.   The fact that Who Dat Daddy REFUSED to allow his widdle Eli to play for the San Diego Chargers just emphasized their sense of entitlement.   (Though I have to admit that Eli seems much more humble than "The Forehead" and Daddy-M)   They, and the media, try to present themselves as these great human beings but watching Peyton walk off the field in a snit just revealed their true character. 

As far as "The Greatest Quarterback of ALL TIME", Manning shouldn't even be in consideration.   In fact, it takes THREE Mannings to equal ONE Roethlisberger.   I would much rather have Big Ben in the clutch than Peyton or Eli and it isn't even CLOSE.

Archie Manning:  
  • Played 14 years - His record as a starter was 35–101–3 (26.3%), the worst in NFL history among QB's with at least 100 starts
  • ZERO Championships
  • ZERO Superbowl appearances
Peyton Manning:
  • Played 12 years - record stands at 117-59  (Playoff record is 9-9 I believe)
  • ONE Championship (And you can thank Turnoverasaurus Rex for that one)
  • TWO Superbowl appearances
Eli Manning :
  • Played 6 years - record as a starter is 46-32  (Playoff record is 4-3)
  • ONE Championship
  • ONE Superbowl appearance
In total that gives the Manning Three a total of TWO Championships in THREE Superbowls.

Ben Roethlisberger :
  • Played 6 years - record as a starter is 68-28  (Playoff record is 8-2)
  • TWO Championships
  • TWO Superbowl appearances
Talk all you want about surrounding talent, it is the Quarterback that is looked to for wins or they would not post "Record as Starting Quarterback" so prominently and they would do the same won/loss record for every other position as well.   Stats don't win you championships, leadership and coming through with big plays in crucial moments does.    Just look at the last two Superbowls.   Roethlisberger drives his team down the field in the last two minutes and hits Holmes for a game winning touchdown with seconds left, while Manning throws a horrible pick-six to seal the LOSS for the Colts .   

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